POS minimum system requirements.
"Cash Register"
Minimum system requirements.

Don't you just hate it when you find just the software that you need but it won't work on any computer that is over two weeks old?

Well "Cash Register" will work on any PC computer that is up to 20 years old! Yup, you don't have to purchase a new computer to use this program. Go ask your Uncle Ernie for that old computer that he has had stored in his attic for the last 10 years and you will have the beginnings of a fully functional cash register.

For those of you who need details, here are some...

Operating system DOS 2.11 or higher
Windows 3.1
Windows '95
Windows '98
Windows 2000
Windows ME
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Note: This software will not function on computers with 64 bit processors no matter what operating system is used unless you run it under a program like DOSBOX.
MonitorBlack & White or Color
Memory System memory must be at least 640 kilobytes. That is less than 1 megabyte. That is .00064 of a gigabyte.
Disk drive At least 5 meg. hard drive space required for partial functionallity.
(Will only be able to record the last 1000 previous transactions.)
100M of drive space or larger recommended.
NOTE: If you take customer information the "customer info" file can grow without limit.
NOTE: Every time the register closes the closing information will require 1k bytes of storage and will grow without limit.

To backup all data files will require CD-RW drive, ZIP drive, or RAM drive.

To backup only register configuration file (??????.POS) and stock table files (??????.IDX and ??????.TBL) will require a 1.44M floppy.

Printer Will function without any printer, but you won't be able to print receipts.
Serial printers will NOT function with this program under Windows versions after Windows '98. Serial printers may not function under Windows 3.1 to '98. Serial printers will probably partially function however if you have the Windows printer drivers for them and use the APRINT4 program that comes with Cash Register. However serial printers are not recommended and should be avoided.
Will directly print receipts on almost any printer that plugs into the computer's parallel printer port.
By using the included program APRINT4.EXE, Cash Register will print using the Windows printer drivers (requires Windows '95 or highter) and so can print on any printer that Windows programs can print on including most USB printers.
Prints receipts 80 characters wide on regular computer printers.
Prints receipts 40 characters wide on receipt printers.
Cash drawers Will function without a cash drawer, keep money in cigar box?.
Will pop open cash drawers that plug into receipt printer.
Requires receipt printer that has a cash drawer port. Make sure printer is listed here Receipt printers.
SOME cash drawers that plug into your computer's serial port may work but serial cash drawers are not recommended.
Bar code scanners Will function without a scanner.
Will utilize a "keyboard wedge" scanner to enter stock numbers.
Most scanners that plug into the USB port will function.
An unmodified "CueCat" scanner will work when combined with "CatNip" software.
Note: We have not found a way to get unmodified CueCats to work under Windows 2000, XP or Vista.
A modified "CueCat" will work without software with any version of Windows (PS/2 version) or will require Windows 2000 or higher (USB version.).
You may be able to get a serial scanner to work, read this. Serial scanner info.
Pole displays Will work with "Logic Controls" brand, serial port, pole displays but not the "bypass" type.
Will work with the Pertelian X2040 USB display when using Windows '98 or higher.

May work with other brands of pole displays but they have not been tested.

Credit card readers Will not read or validate credit cards through the register.
Will accept credit sales but you must use a separate validation service.

Do you need a receipt printer, cash drawer, or scanner?

Links to Cash Register hardware vendors

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